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The “Pontina Stampi Srl” deals with design, prototyping and construction of moulds, as well as injection moulding of systems accessories. We design and build moulds the mass-production of plastic items for various fields of reference. The firm has always been ready to meet the customer’s needs in any project and to work basing on a new approach, keeping a constant, tight relationship with our customers, in order to offer them efficient solutions, acting with commitment and method. Qualified personnel, the latest generation of machinery and high quality available raw materials are our strong points. We firmly believe in the value of Made in Italy and we can provide state-of-the-art, cost-effective technical solutions. We are the only reference during all the steps of the collaboration, in which any customer is an integral part, and in every single phase of the production process, starting from the initial design on to the final making. All the steps of the production are followed in the same environment, under careful technical supervision, in order to guarantee products with high functional and aesthetic performance, and reliable timelines for building and delivering.